Gossett Productions | Formerly Garman Productions, LLC

We are proud to announce the move and expansion to a new production facility and sound stage at the former Garman Productions building at 2828 NW 58th Street in Oklahoma City.

Visualize Gossett Productions’ state-of-the-art 4K video and film cinema cameras, video and sound studios, premium lighting, superb sound equipment and excellent crew, producing Corporate Videos, Documentaries, Training Films, Feature & Intrinsic Short Films, and Television Commercials.

Imagine the SYNERGY of over 20 years of exceptional know-how, savvy project leadership, creative chemistry, cinematic filming expertise and a sound specialist, all merged into one company with an Emmy-winning producer and team of creative professionals.

“Getting to Know You,” listening intently. Laser-focused on understanding your needs, or your company’s needs.

Now imagine that same energy, passion, creativity, and over 20-year innovation of Gossett combining with the 40-year success of Garman Productions. We will continue the honorable legacy of former owners Steve and Lynn Garman to take infinite pride in our work and always go above and beyond for you. Over the years, that philosophy has not changed.

Our facility will give you the opportunity to utilize the 8,880 square feet of interior space and studio sound stages at 2828 NW 58th Street in Oklahoma City. The possibilities of video and sound stage rentals are endless for any production company, television network, filmmaker, or organization needing a professional studio with lighting, grip, and gaffer equipment.

With this expansion comes the ability to welcome two new video suites and two new audio suites for you to enjoy working in with us to capture the project’s vision during post-production. Videotape and media archive to digital transfer will also continue in suites.

Our new building space expansion investment remains at the core and heart of our philosophy of helping clients like you and your organization succeed.

FOCUSED ON YOU. Capturing Success. That's Gossett Productions.

We invite you to view our demo reel portfolio and testimonials of select client works to find out more about what we can do together.

Contact us today by phone or e-mail to find out how we can help.

Jeremy Gossett – Producer / Director of Photography
Gossett Productions, LLC
2828 NW 58th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Gossett Productions, LLC

Former owner of Garman Productions, LLC and audio engineer Steve Garman (left) works with new facility owner and producer Jeremy Gossett (right) of Gossett Productions, LLC on the public radio series “Backstage Jazz”. The series ran for four seasons on KGOU, KUCO, and KCCU in Oklahoma 2012 to 2017.

Gossett Productions, LLC Studio

The Federal Aviation Administration shooting a corporate video communications program on Gossett stage 1 studio green screen backdrop.

Gossett Productions, LLC Studio

“The green screen studio at Gossett Productions is the best in town. The green is vibrant, the lighting is even, and it gives a beautiful key. And you won’t find a better audio studio anywhere.” —Darby Ralls, Federal Aviation Administration

Demo Reel

Client Testimonials

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Gossett Productions, LLC · Voice-over Narration Demos

Jeremy Gossett

Producer / Director of Photography
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